About Us


AEN was founded in 2007 as a response to the lack of environmental information available to Armenians in the Diaspora.

AEN has developed its focus to serve a dual mission:

• Increase information sharing and distribution among Armenians in Armenia, the Armenian Diaspora and the wider conservation community
• Facilitate partnerships through the responsible involvement of Diasporan and international resources to promote sustainable development in Armenia
While continuing to serve its original purpose of information sharing among the Diaspora, AEN aims to be a leading voice in civil society building in the Armenian environmental sector by bridging the information gap between Armenians in Armenia and those in the Diaspora. We work with local and grassroots organizations, as well as NGOs, international organizations, and government authorities to promote sound environmental policymaking, enforcement mechanisms, increased awareness and participation of local stakeholders, and tangible contributions to Armenia’s sustainable development.

If you are interested to host environmental panel discussions and other educational and awareness activities in your area, please Contact Us.

AEN’s program goals in the U.S. and Armenia:

Information Sharing

AEN provides Armenian environmental information for local Armenians and the Diaspora, through:

Isabella Bablumian, consultant at the World Bank, presenting current research on public health issues in Armenia (Washington, D.C., 2008)

• disseminating the latest environmental news in Armenia;

• engaging with other environmental actors to promote sustainable development in Armenia; and

• organizing panel discussions on urgent Armenian environmental topics, both in Armenia and in the Diaspora.


AEN supports the strengthening of civil society by organizing and hosting seminars for local organizations and grassroots groups. This applies to audiences inside and outside of Armenia. For more on AEN’s work in environmental education, please visit Our Projects page.


AEN helps connect Diasporan talent with local experts through fostering partnerships and collaboration.


Programs in the U.S.

AEN has organized environmental panel discussions since 2007, with topics ranging from deforestation and illegal logging to public health, water and sanitation, energy security, and the role of transparency in environmental work. We are now working to expand our U.S. program focus to include environmental education and activities for Armenian Americans of all ages.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in co-sponsoring an AEN event in your area, please Contact Us.


Programs In Armenia

AEN is currently working with a variety of partners, including local NGOs, international organizations, private organizations, and governmental entities for the following projects:

Village home in Karakert, Armavir region. The hay on the roof indicates the presence of livestock, a sign of relative wealth. The packed dung below serves as a front wall and a fuel source. Photo courtesy of Kirk Wallace.

· Improving Armenia’s waste management procedures and raising awareness on proper waste practices

· Serving as a campaign strategy resource for local environmental activists

· Facilitating the exchange of expertise between experts in Armenia and abroad on various sustainable development topics

· Providing environmental trainings to rural NGOs and youth groups in partnership with international organizations