Latest Eco News from Armenia

May 16, 2014: “Massive Decline” of Armenian Shahvard River

May 7, 2014: On the Forefront of Environmental Engagement in Armenia

April 12, 2014: Dirty Water Flows from Shamlugh Taps, but Mayor Gets Monetary Award for a Job Well Done 

April 11, 2014: Armenian Villagers Buckle Under Weight of Bank Loans: Frost will Increase Emigration and Crime

April 7, 2014: Why International Mining Companies Flock to Armenia: Low Royalties and Tax Oversight 

April 4, 2014: Villager’s Lament: Recent Frost Wipes Out 60-70% of Fruit Trees in Lori 

April 3, 2014: No More “Wild” Ishkhan in Sevan – Government Backs Using the Lake for Fish Farming Instead 

March 25, 2014: International Mining Conference in Yerevan: Nature Protection Minister Refuses to Drink Polluted Water Offered by Activist

March 18, 2014: Armenian Government Will No Longer Provide Permits for Fish Farming in Ararat Valley 

March 17, 2014: Fish population in Lake Sevan slashed from 21,000 tons in 1980s to 300 tons now – expert

March 3, 2014: Residents of Armenian Village Protest Construction of Hydroelectric Plant 

March 1, 2014: Solar Benefits: Basen Village Uses New Technology to Solve Old Problem 

February 19, 2014: Interpol Now Investigating Trafficking of Endangered Animals via Armenia

February 19, 2014: Arpa-Sevan tunnel repair to take two more years – ministry of environment 

February 19, 2014: Water in Lake Sevan to be treated, level raised under five-year program

February 7, 2014: Armenia Ranks 48th in 2014 Environmental Performance Index 

January 31, 2014: Sevan for Sale: Environmentalist Claims Government Intends to Privatize Lake 

January 29, 2014: Armenia Sells Vorotan Hydro Plant

January 21, 2014: Akhtala Mayor Says New Mine Management Must Tackle Environmental Risks 

January 8, 2014: ATP Plants 230, 000 Trees Throughout Armenia in 2013

December 27, 2013: Lake Concerns: Group warns that “Armenia’s Jewel” could be endangered by carelessness 

December 24, 2013: Ministry Claims of Capping Aquifer Wells at Fish Farms Lack Detail 

December 23, 2013: Paper or Plastic? LA Premiere of ATP’s Short Film Leaves No Doubt 

December 19, 2013: Armenia’s Greens Take on Hydro Schemes 

December 4, 2013: Metz Ayroum Mayor: “We don’t need their tailings dam or their jobs” 

December 3, 2013: Alaverdi: Armenia’s mining town facing Employment & Environment conundrum 

July 23, 2013: Government’s ‘irresponsible environmental policy” may avert tourists from Armenia

June 18, 2013: Mini Hydro Plants Turning Yeghegis into Dead River 

May 29, 2013: Princely Concerns: Environmentalists hope to get Charles’ attention on mining issue 

May 28, 2013: Patience at the End: Meghri Residents Promise to Damage Any New Mines 

May 2, 2013: Environmentalist Raises Concerns Over Syunik Land Lease Deal

April 15, 2013: AUA Study: Mining in Armenia Creates Poverty, Income Inequality 

April 10, 2013: AUA Evaluates 25 Toxic Waste Sites Near Communities in Armenia

March 31, 2013: Alaverdi Accident: Toxic Smoke Engulfs Northern Armenian Town

March 27, 2013: Almusar gold mine must not be exploited – official

March 25, 2013: Straight to Vardenis: Kirk Wallace announces AEN’s involvement in Vardenis

March 25, 2013: Forest of Discontent: Activists say ministry broke the law in its selection of Khosrov director

March 21, 2013: Armenian Eco Front Urges Ministry to Publicize Marits River Hydro-Plant Documents

March 3, 2013: Dolph-inished: Controversial aquatic entertainment center being dismantled

February 27, 1013: Tankian to Sarkisian: Don’t Use Security to Distract Us from Domestic Injustices

February 4, 2013: Interview: Armenian Environmental Activist Mariam Sukhudyan

December 26, 2012: More civic activism in 2012: Avetyan Case, green campaigns seen as stepping stones in building civil society in Armenia

December 25, 2012: Heritage leader slams violations in Armenia’s mining industry

December 21, 2012: Armenia’s Mining Quandary: Developing a Diaspora-linked Economy

December 19, 2012: Armenian Government Ignores Concerns about Teghut Mine

December 10, 2012: Kajaran Village Mayor: “The mining company has blockaded us”

November 19, 2012: Damage Caused to Environment Made up 3,640,000 AMD within 5 Days Only

November 19, 2012: Already Second Breakdown at Deno Gold Mining in 2012

November 19, 2012: Goodbye to Garden? Yerevan Residents Fear Stores Will Be Built

November 16, 2012: Green for Blue: Government orders planting forest around Lake Sevan

November 15, 2012: Nature Protection Ministry Didn’t Deal with Environmental State of Tukhmanuk Mine and Adjacent Settlements

November 15, 2012: The Ministry of Nature Protection sees no grounds to consider invalid the positive conclusion on the EIA

November 13, 2012: Yerevan Thermal Power Plant Didn’t Submit Documents to Environmental Expertise in Regards with Using Charcoal

November 9, 2012: Forest Planned to Establish Around Lake Sevan

November 6, 2012: Another Clash Between Environmentalists and the Government

November 2, 2012: Environmentalists Raised Alarm Signal about Pollution of Shnogh River with Wastes

November 2, 2012: Jiliza Forest Again Gets the Axe: Many Chainsaws, No Forestry Officials

October 29, 2012: Tailing Dump To Be Constructed in Meliq Village, 9-magnitude Seismic Zone

October 25, 2012: Ministry Inaction: Toxic Tailings Continue to Flow into Akhtala’s Debed River

October 16, 2012: Hydro-Plants on Lori’s Sedvi River Will Damage Eco-Diversity

October 12, 2012: Armenian village residents oppose government plans to “harness” their river

October 11, 2012: The director of the Khosrov Reserve dismissed

October 10, 2012: Environmentalists demand officials review the terms and locations of small hydropower plants

September 26, 2012: Hunting for sport?: Footage from Khosrov preserve triggers demands for minister’s resignation

September 25, 2012: Akhtala Mining Company Continues to Dump Wastes Into River

September 18, 2012: Tankian for Teghut: Former SOAD vocalist again raises concern about mining project in Armenia

September 7, 2012: Honey for Teghut: Environmental campaign uses apiculture as a message

August 23, 2012: Massive Deforestation in Goris

August 21, 2012: Mini-Hydro Plant Decimates Tezh River

August 15, 2012: Plastic Bottle Boat to Sail Lake Sevan

July 23, 2012: Commercial Water Losses Guarantee Constant Revenues for Yerevan Djur

July 20, 2012: Concern for Khosrov: New fire road under the watch of environmentalists

July 19, 2012: Environmental Activists in Gilan: “We’ll tear that building down with our own hands”

July 18, 2012: Logging: The Thin Line Between Business and Organized Crime

July 18, 2012: Khosrov Forest in Danger: Should “Matagh” Meals and Campfires be Banned?

July 18, 2012: Environmental Alert: Group warns that Arpa River is in danger

July 17, 2012: Hydro-Plants Dry Up Herher Tributary and Waterfall

July 13, 2012: Save Jermouk Group Demands Answers from Environment Minister

July 10, 2012: Shrinking green areas, large-scale construction blamed for recent snake activity in Armenia

July 9, 2012: Why is the Government Constructing a Two Kilometer Road in Khosrov Forest Reserve?

June 30, 2012: Shikahogh Village Residents Prefer the Forest Over Gold

June 27, 2012: Garden of Evil? Workers Growing Corn, Beans at Akhtala Tailings Dam

June 25, 2012: Parliament votes for increase in water outlets from Lake Sevan

June 19, 2012: Environmentalists are concerned that the mine will damage the Shikahogh preserve.

June 18, 2012: Swiss Armenians Convey Their Support to Armenia’s Environmentalists

June 16, 2012: EcoLur Open Letter to Geoteam CJSC

June 15, 2012: Armenia Tree Project Opens Ohanian Center for Environmental Studies

June 14, 2012: Ministry Prepares Trchkan Waterfall Preservation Blueprint

June 14, 2012: Paper or Plastic? The omnipresent “cellophane” remains Armenians’ choice

May 30, 2012: Armenia Tree Project plants more than 230,000 trees in 11 regions of Armenia this spring.

May 26, 2012: Open Air Museum or Garbage Dump?

May 14, 2012: “Regardening of Eden” to Start in Margahovit Village

May 4, 2012: “Save Teghout” Activists in Solidarity with Those Defending Russian Tsaghovski Forest

May 3, 2012: Not Over Til Its Over: Mashtots Park activists says more issues remain unresolved though kiosks being dismantled

April 17, 2012: Teghout Residents Unblock Road after visit from Regional Governor

April 17, 2012: Violence at ACP: Teghut residents angered following alleged assault by security guards

April 17, 2012: Teghout Mine Security Beat Up Local Villagers: Residents Block Road in Protest

April 13, 2012: Take  care of our nature, your mother: “Mashtots” green movement grows stronger with each passing day

April 5, 2012: Crying Wolf: A Misguided Canine Extermination Campaign or Sheep Protection?

April 4, 2012: Vallex Group and Head of Green Union of Armenia express different opinions about damage caused by development of Teghut deposit

March 28, 2012: Mining discontent: Environmentalists again raise concerns over plans to dig for iron near Hrazdan

March 17, 2012: Mayor of Jermuk Says No to Amulsar Gold Mine

March 5, 2012: Yerevan’s Mayor Must Make a Decision That “Goes Against the Grain”…At Least Once

March 2, 2012: OSCE,Yerevan State University Agree to Set-Up Sustainable Development Center

February 28, 2012: Students Oppose Mashtots Park Construction; Are Drawing Up Alternate Blueprints

February 22, 2012: Public Council to Review Mashtots Park Issue Tomorrow

February 17, 2012: Mashtots Standoff: Protestors defiant, but city says developer has permission

February 16, 2012: Armenia culls wolves after cold snap attacks

February 8, 2012: Public Interest Attorney – Armenia Fails to live Up to Aarhaus Requirements

February 3, 2012: Illegal Tree Felling in Garni; 2.4 Million AMD in Damage

February 2, 1012: Park rangers: Green campaigners in Yerevan protest construction near Mashtots Boulevard

February 1, 2012: Dangerous Assessment: Research reveals toxic pesticides problem

January 26, 2012: PACE Adopts Declarations on Teghut, Genocide and Hrant Dink

January 18, 2012: Green Trends: Environmental movement rising in Armenia after a few successful campaigns

January 17, 2012: Teghut CJSC Calculating its Damages for Possible Lawsuit Against Environmentalists

January 16, 2012: “Let’s save Teghut forest”: Environmentalists continue protest of mining exploitation

January 12, 2012: Heritage Party MP Postanjyan – Teghout Mine Must be Stopped

December 15, 2011: Kajaran Mayor Resigns in Protest; Vows to Fight Mining Interests

December 8, 2011: Environmentalists upset over bill which further weakens the laws requiring environmental impact assessments.

December 7, 2011: Metsamor Reprieved: Power plant likely to not be decommissioned as scheduled.

December 2, 2011: Environmentalists worry over mining near Jermuk

November 19, 2011: “There’s a huge mining mafia at work”, says Greens Union Prize

November 8, 2011: Research program will study what to do about the large amounts of pesticides dumped at Nubarashen, a waste depository located on the outskirts of Yerevan.

November 7, 2011: “Skinheads”, young Armenian activists, take oath to protect Armenia’s environment.

November 4, 2011: Trchkan: Waterfall conservation saga ends in rare victory for Armenian environmentalists

September 16, 2011: Armenian conservationists alarmed by continued poaching of endangered animal species listed in the Red Book

September 9, 2011: Agricultural Concerns: Fish breeding in Armenia spurs economy but devastates artesian water resources

July 20, 2011: Under threat: Experts says illegal logging worsens forest situation in Armenia 

July 13, 2011: Kajaran residents fear takeover of their village by the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum company with the full approval and assistance of the government of the Republic of Armenia.