our History

Evolving organically to meet Armenia's environmental needs.


Seated around a table with friends in a restaurant in Washington, D.C., Ursula Kazarian, founder of AEN, discussed the state of the environment and environmental organizations in Armenia. Jumping from one urgent development issue to the next, the need for an informational network between Diasporans and environmental activists and practitioners based in Armenia became clear.

It was in that dimly lit dining area in 2007 years ago that AEN was founded. It started as an unregistered group of Armenian-Americans interested in environmental issues and activism in Armenia. An idea was born for an organization, registered in the US but active in both the US and Armenia, offering Diasporan communities a window into the harsh reality facing Armenia’s environment and environmental activists; and offering practitioners working on environmental issues in Armenia a venue to make their voices heard.

Since then, our operations have fluctuated in both size and capacity. Today, thanks to

sponsorship from the organization Earth Island Institute in Berkeley California, AEN is a registered project in the United States, and can claim 501(c)(3) tax exemption. We have accomplished a lot over the years for such a small operation.

Throughout our history, one thing remains constant: that the changes to AEN’s infrastructure occur organically and without any delusions of grandeur. As we transitioned from an unregistered group hosting panel discussions to a registered US-based non-profit with specific project goals, we continued to rely on the involvement and participation of our members: people like you.

Our efforts remain overwhelmingly volunteer based. We therefore completely rely on donations from individuals and companies who believe in our cause and want to see AEN continue to grow. With this in mind, we hope you’ll consider making a donation today.

So now we’ve told our story, now it’s your turn. Get in touch. Get involved.