Rural Development 

The tendency for urban areas to receive the most national and international attention, and the most development funds, leaves many rural areas underserved.


While Armenian villages usually have significant human capital through tight-knit and hard-working communities, resources are scarce and the economic situation is often dire.

This series of links represent a series of studies regarding Armenia’s rural villages and towns.

The video, “Armenian Fund – Rural Development Program” explains the difficulties facing rural populations today.  

Report from the UNDP on Growth, Inequality and Poverty in Armenia (2002), stresses the need to invest in agricultural development to address rural poverty. Specific recommendations include investing in agricultural infrastructure, rural banks, and labor intensive public works in rural areas.

The National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia released the “Social Snapshot and Poverty in Armenia" in 2012, which highlights the adverse impacts of the financial crisis of 2008.

Exhaustive World Bank study (2004) on the condition of Armenia’s rural infrastructure.  For the full report click on the link under the picture.  The Word Document is also attached at the bottom of this page.

More Information

2006 article suggesting the development of an “agri-tourism” industry.

IFAD webpage (International Fund for Agricultural Development) on the development programs and projects they have financed in Armenia since 1995.

CARD webpage (Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development) about their programs to assist farmers and agribusinesses in the production and marketing of food and related products to increase incomes and create jobs leading to sustainable livelihoods for rural populations in Armenia.



2011 article on the Agriculture Ministry’s plan to plant 700 hectares of orchard in Vayots Dzor, Tavush, and Aragatsotn provinces.

AWHHE webpage on their efforts to has a heavy presence fund and implement many environmentally sound agricultural projects in villages in Armenia.

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